Move On Beat | About founder
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 About me…


  Hi! I`m Claudia Lino!!
 My passion for dance begins when i was young. I was started with streejazz and a few years ago i decided try a Zumba class…today i can`t live without…that`s why i was took my certificat. I love teaching Zumba. The reason is simple: every class feel like a party! Come join me and you`ll see what i mean. You don`t even have to know how dance. Just move on beat. It`s easy! Come try it, i guarantee you will have a blast! All differents rythms, the high volum of music, the hapiness on the class…all moves…makes you feel happy, healthy and in a good shape…you make exercises with smile on your face. I look forward to meeting you!  Don’t miss also Aqua Zumba,  Strong by Zumba, Zumba in the circuit, Zumba gold and bring your kids for one classe of Zumba kids…they gonna love it!My project are different, i don’t want create a gym’s concept, i want the people come and feel great, confortable, in a friendly-family environment, i want see smiles on the face. Gym’s can offer that…MOB can! We don’t need 100 machines for workout or virtual classes, that is cold and dangerous. We believes in our own body. We offer you a great workout experience with great instructors to suport, estimulate and advise you. We give our best for you feel good and safety. Fitness it’s a life style, we want make it possible, acessible, fun, in a special environment for you come, go and come back soon again.Come join and enjoy…you will love!